Saturday, March 21, 2015

The development of Mass Media Television


Television !!! who does not know this one electronic goods . In today's modern era , television was once a luxury is now a non- luxury goods , even in many homes certainly have televisions . In essence , the medium of television was born because of technological developments . Starting from the discovery of the telescope Electrische as the embodiment of the idea of ​​a student from Berlin ( East Germany ) were named Paul Nipkov , find the image signal distribution system , to send pictures through the air from one place to another . The system is considered to be practical , so the trial was held transmitting and receiving television signals . This happened between the years 1883-1884 . Nipkov finally recognized as the father of television .

Television in the United States alone has begun to be enjoyed by the 1939 , which is when during the World 's Fair in New York USA union , but World War II has led to activities in the field of television it stalled . Only after that , in 1946 the activities in the field of television begins again . At that time all over the United States there are only a few pieces transmitter , but then the technology is growing rapidly , the number of TV transmitter increases with tears. 1948 is an important year in the television world because in that year there was a change of television experimental to commercial television in America .

As with other mass media , television nor can monopolized by the United States alone . When Americans are actively developing the mass media , other European countries did not want to miss . they also develop the mass media television.

The development of television is so fast that from time to time this media have an impact on people's daily lives. compared to other mass media ( radio , newspapers , magazines , books , and so on ). Television seems have special properties . Television is a combination of voice and media images that can be informative , entertainment , and education , or even a combination of the three elements . The information conveyed by television, be easy to understand because clearly audible in the audio and visible visual.

Television has a strong appeal . If the radio has power strong attraction due to the element of words , music and sound effects , then TV in addition to the three elements also have a visual element in the form of images . and This image is not drawing die , but live image that is capable of causing a deep impression on viewers . This attraction in addition to exceeding the radio, also exceeded the movie theaters , because everything can be enjoyed at home with safe and comfortable . In addition , the TV can also provide various programs others are quite varied and interesting to enjoy the community.